Meet Jasmine Nance!

She is passionate about helping others achieve their beauty goals with the latest and safest techniques in the industry.


Here’s a bit about her:

  • Owner and Director of Beachside Ink Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Founding Board Member of The Australian Academy of Skin Science
  • Fibroblast Practitioner and Trainer
  • Cosmetic Tattooist
  • Business Coach
  • Active Member of The Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council
  • Member of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network
  • Graduate of multiple university degrees
  • Holder of a Diploma in Management and Leadership
  • Certified in Training and Assessment (Cert IV)
  • Holder of a valid Infection Control Certificate

A few fun facts about me:

  • European by birth, Australian by choice
  • Proud dog mum 🐾
  • Loving wife 💕
  • Beach lover and sun enthusiast ☀️🏖️




Jasmine`s journey in the beauty industry has been driven by a desire to stand out from the crowd.

She is not your average beauty professional – she is dedicated to continuous learning, excellence, and providing top-tier services that make a real difference in her clients' lives.


Whether it's through fibroblast treatments, cosmetic tattooing, or training the next generation of beauty experts, her goal is always to empower others and help them feel their best.


She believe in creating a supportive and caring environment for her clients and students alike. She is here to listen, understand your unique needs, and deliver personalized solutions that go beyond the basics.

If you’re looking for exceptional beauty treatments or training, Jasmine here to help and the person to go to.




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One-on-One Class

Here we are, sitting in mama’s boot waiting for our puppy school to start. Dealing with our reactive behaviour. 🤷🏼‍♀️

He is so so good with me and other hoomans but most certainly he does not like to be around other dogs, big dogs, boy dogs, puppy dogs, loud dogs… any dogs aside from his sissy really.😐

So we work on it, a lot! And being at a basic manner class around other dogs all ages and breeds is excellent to push his buttons and to learn to be a good dog! 🐶

So to all clients who see me on the beach with their dogs and WONDER why I walk the other way and don’t come and say hello… this my babyboy and he is reactive.
So we usually walk away from people, other dogs and situations that can trigger him.

Yes, we do expose him in controlled and monitored situations but I also want him to have a normal life and be able to run, do zoomies, dig holes, catch balls, go for bodysurfs and roll in the seaweed.🐾

The things we do for our babies!
Did I hope to go on Golden Retriever play dates? Oh hell yes… but life turned out differently and sent me this babyboy. But I do not regret a thing and would pick him over and over again💘

Can someone run out of ideas on what to bake?🧐🤔

I swear, I have been bouncing back and forth between my 3-4 favorite cake receipts and I can't come up with something new to try.😅

My biggest love recently has been.... don't judge me... Cornbread.🥰🥰
I don't know what it is, but I could roll myself into it all day every day, AND its gluten free what is a big win for me.

We have had the BEST cornbread at Wildfire BBQ in Geelong, and I have stirred my fingers sore ever since... I can't find a receipt thats what I am hoping for.

Other than cornbread the big winners in our house are:
- Chocolate cake with port and Redwine
- chocolate vanilla marble cake
- Banana chocolate chip cake
- German Striezel (a sweet white bread thats to die for with Nutella)

Soooo... point of my story...
DOES someone have an exceptional cake receipt for me?
OR MAYBE.... does someone have a cornbread receipt for me that will make me feel all nostalgic and happy?

Happy for exchanges, let me know what you want to trade for 🤪

Morning Walks and Dolphin Pods 🐬🌅

While I have seen many many dolphins so far, yesterdays sunrise walk on the beach was extra magical.🥰

We saw sooo sooo many dolphins splish-splashing around and once again it made me feel so grateful to be able to call this beautiful spot on our planet our home and backyard.

Moments like this really reward me for getting up early 😅

This was for sure one of my highlights this week, what was yours?
What made your heart skip a beat this week?